Index of the Statewide Title Newsletter and Legal Memorandum

Issue 76    "Marketable Title"11/1/2001   
Issue 13    "Good Funds Settlement Act" Passes8/1/1996   
Issue 18    "ICS Letters"1/1/1997   
Issue 14    "Safe Harbors"9/1/1996   
Issue 293    Kassel v. Rienth (COA 22-825) 6/6/2023
Specific Performance of a Judicial Consent Order
Issue 248    Solesbee v. Brown COA16-1214 September 19, 2017 Partition in Kind or Sale, Necessary Findings8/1/2018   
Issue 290    Abbott v. Abernathy (COA22-162) 2/7/2023
Easement Primer: Standing; Abandonment; Overburdening; Dedication
Issue 247    Anderson v. Walker (17-782) 7/3/18
Specific Performance of RP Contract v. Unrecorded ROFR
Issue 231    Atlantic Coast Props., Inc. v. Saunders, (365A15) 4/15/201610/31/2016   
Issue 267    Bauman v. Pasquotank Cty. ABC Bd. (19-613) 4/7/2020
Trusts - Adverse Possession under Color of Title
Issue 214    Blangiardo v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo. 2014-1107/1/2014   
Issue 257    Brawley v. Sherrill (18-1043) 9/3/2019
Court of Appeals interprets 'per stirpes'
Issue 296    Bryan v. Kittinger (COA 21-98) 4/25/2022
"The issue is, what is chicken?" Covenants and Poultry vs. Pets
Issue 301    Builders Mut. Ins. Co. v. Neibel (23-240) 3/19/2024
Service by Publication Requires Reasonable Due Diligence
Issue 298    Bulliard v. Highland Gate HOA, Inc. (COA 23-452) 11/27/2023
Failure to Join Necessary Parties Challenging Amendments to Covenants
Issue 287    C Invs. 2, LLC v. Auger (2022-NCSC-119) 12/16/2022
Real Property Marketable Title Act Exception for Residential Covenants
Issue 272    C Invs. 2, LLC v. Auger (COA 19-976) 5/18/2021
Real Property Marketable Title Act Exception for Residential Covenants
Issue 299    Carcano v. JBSS, LLC (COA 23-685) 12/19/2023 Limitation on Renewing a Judgement1/1/2024   
Issue 245    Cole v. Bonaparte's Retreat POA, Inc.(COA 17-492) 4/17/2018 Privity Needed for Tacking Adverse Possession5/1/2018   
Issue 281    County of Mecklenburg v. Ryan (21-205) 2/15/2022
Tax Sale Opinion Rests upon Inadequate Service of Process
Issue 262    Cummings v. Carroll (19-283) 3/3/2020, Negligent Representation in Sale of Home, Broker Liability5/1/2020   
Issue 279    Cummings v. Carroll (2021-NCSC-147) 12/17/2021
Negligent Representation in Home Sale, Broker Liability Revisited
Issue 233    Davis v. Davis (COA 16-400) 11/1/2016
Court of Appeals Quashes Self-imposed Restraint on Alienation
Issue 278    Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC v. Kiser (20-333) 10/19/2021
Easements, Navigability and Public Trust Doctrine for Land under Man-Made Lakes
Issue 120    Estate of Graham v. Morrison, They're Back!7/1/2005   
Issue 297    Gouch v. Rotunno (COA 23-283) 10/17/23
Restrictive Covenants, Record Notice Where Plat Not Referenced
Issue 275    Gribble v. Bostian (COA 20-412) 8/17/2021
Acquiescence Sufficient to Locate Appurtenant Easement
Issue 283    Grooms Prop. Mgmt., Inc. v. Muirfield Condo. Ass'n (2022-NCCOA-488) 7/19/2022
Condo Association Declaration Required Insurance Coverage of Units
Issue 295    Hinman v. Cornett (COA 22-481) 8/1/2023
Adverse Possession of Fee Underlying an Easement
Issue 270    Home Realty v Red Fox Red Fox Country Club Owners Ass'n
Prior Mortgage Cuts Off Subsequent Covenants
Issue 243    Honeycutt v. Weaver (17-410) 2/6/2018
Statute of Limitations for Voidable 'Gift' Deed
Issue 266    In Re Cracker (COA 20-4) 10/6/2020 Implied Waiver of Marital Rights10/1/2020   
Issue 273    In Re George, NC Supreme Court, 77A19, 4/16/21
Effect of Insufficient Notice in HOA Foreclosure
Issue 251    In re Will of Allen, NC S. Ct. (227PA17) 12/7/2018
North Carolina Supreme Court Clarifies Holographic Will Doctrine
Issue 240    In Re: Ackah COA16-8295 9/5/2017 Notice Insufficient for HOA Foreclosure May Pass Good Title10/1/2017   
Issue 261    In re: Giddens (COA 19-792) 3/3/2020
Application of RE Sale Proceeds to Estate Deficiency Judgment
Issue 300    In re: Jones (23-594) 2/20/2024
Questioned Credit-Counseling Can't Halt Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure
Issue 256    In re: Nicor, LLC (18-1071) 8/6/19 Foreclosure When Debt Previously Reduced to Judgment9/1/2019   
Issue 246    In re: Sharpe (17-1151) 4/3/2018
COA Reads Pre-Nuptial Agreement Broadly
Issue 285    In re: Simmons (COA 21-682) 10/4/2022
Foreclosure Voided Due to Lack of Notice of Trustee Neutrality
Issue 178    Johnson v. Schultz Revisited, Risk of Loss for Attorney Defalcation5/1/2010   
Issue 237    Kimler v. The Crossings at Sugar Hill (15-1301) 8/2/2016
HOA Authority to Amend Declarations under the PCA
Issue 269    King v. Duke Energy Progress, LLC (COA 20-292) 2/16/2021
Replacement Cost as Measure of Trespass to Timber Damages for Ornamental Trees
Issue 284    Matthews v. Fields (COA 21-589) 7/19/2022
Installment Land Sales Contract - Equitable Title
Issue 294    MidFirst Bank v. Brown (22-283) 12/06/2022
Sheriff's Sale Lien Priority, Equitable Subrogation, Debtor Misrepresentation
Issue 302    Mileview LLC v. The Reserve II (COA 23-603 - Unpublished) 2/20/2024
Reasonableness of HOA amendment
Issue 250    NationStar Mortg. LLC v. Curry (18-351) 11/6/2018
Secured Lender Not Named Party to Estate Sale of Real Property
Issue 280    Parks v. Johnson (2022-NCCOA-129) 3/1/2022
Will Interpretation as to a Former Spouse
Issue 303    Real Time Resolutions, Inc. v. Cole (COA 23-464) 5/7/2024
Statute of Limitations for Foreclosure
Issue 242    Rutledge v. Feher, COA 16-1287 9/5/2017
Calling the Roll on Contingent Remainders
Issue 266    Sauls v. Barbour (COA 19-1042) 9/1/202010/1/2020   
Issue 59    Stephenson v. Warren and Undue Influence6/1/2000   
Issue 239    Tanglewood POA, Inc. v. Isenhour, COA17-101 8/1/ 2017 Owner's Duty to Maintain Platted Lots9/1/2017   
Issue 255    Taylor v. Hiatt (COA 18-864) 6/4/2019
COA Analyzes Right to Erect Gates on Platted Easement
Issue 277    Taylor v. Hiatt(20-322) 9/21/2021
Gates over Access Easements, Revisited
Issue 282    The Cherry Community Org. v Sellars, (141PA20-1) 5/6/2022
NC's Uniform Voidable Transactions Act Defense Construed
Issue 249    The Town of Carrboro v. Slack (COA17-864) 9/18/2018
COA Analyses Express and Implied Easement Claims
Issue 258    U.S. Bank Na'tl Ass'n v. Wood (18-1259) 11/5/2109
Equitable Subrogation Applicable in Purchase Transaction
Issue 276    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Stocks (2021-NCSC-90) 8/13/2021
Statute of Limitations for Reformation of Deed
Issue 58    1031 Exchange Information: IRS Private Letter Ruling 99260455/1/2000   
Issue 50    1999 Legislative Update Affecting Real Property9/1/1999   
Issue 51    1999 Practice Update - Issues Affecting Real Property10/1/1999   
Issue 235    20-year Statute of Limitations for Easement Encroachment Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC v. Gray (108PA14-2) 8/19/20163/1/2017   
Issue 75    2001 Legislation Affecting Real Property10/1/2001   
Issue 71    2001 Legislative Update6/1/2001   
Issue 69    2001 Pending Legislation4/1/2001   
Issue 94    2003 Legislative Proposals5/1/2003   
Issue 137    2006 Instantaneous Se isin Case12/1/2006   
Issue 169    2009 August Legislative Update8/1/2009   
Issue 163    2009 Legislative Preview2/1/2009   
Issue 181    2010 Legislative Update8/1/2010   
Issue 189    2011 Legislative Update - Register of Deeds7/1/2011   
Issue 208    2012-2013 Summary Case Update9/1/2013   
Issue 207    2013 Legislative Update8/1/2013   
Issue 264    2020 Real Property Legislation Part 1
Tenancy by the Entirety and JTWROS
Issue 265    2020 Real Property Legislation Part 2 - Partition9/1/2020   
Issue 268    2020 Real Property Legislation Part 3 - Elective Share12/1/2020   
Issue 288    2022 Legislative Review1/1/2023   
Issue 215    47F - Transfer of Special Declarant Rights Bill Adopted8/1/2014   
Issue 141    4th Circuit Intellectual Property Case Affects Realty4/1/2007   
Issue 44    A Dirt Lawyer's Vacation Reward!3/1/1999   
Issue 115    A Word About Surveys2/1/2005   
Issue 5    Access Easements and Title Insurance Coverage12/1/1995   
Issue 6    Access Easements and Title Insurance Coverage1/1/1996   
Issue 142    Adding Description Post-Closing Invalidates Mortgage5/1/2007   
Issue 234    Adelman v. Gantt, COA (16-339) Filed: December 30, 2016
Strict Necessity not Necessary for Easement Implied by Prior Use
Issue 111    Adverse Possession Decision Affirmed10/1/2004   
Issue 193    Alamance - Orange Boundary to Shift12/1/2011   
Issue 3    Amendments To Equity Line Statutes10/1/1995   
Issue 32    Ancillary Estate Administration of Non-Resident Decedents3/1/1998   
Issue 244    Annuity Funded "Structured Sales"4/1/2018   
Issue 114    Another Contorted Covenant Case1/1/2005   
Issue 224    Applying ALTA Best Practice 5 in North Carolina11/1/2015   
Issue 165    April 2009 Legislative Update - Bills of Interest to Real Property Practitioners4/1/2009   
Issue 107    Attorneys Not Subject to Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act6/1/2004   
Issue 18    Bankruptcy - 11 U.S.C. Section 1327 and Chapter 13 Lien Avoidance1/1/1997   
Issue 166    Bankruptcy Court: 1031 Funds are Assets of QI's Estate5/1/2009   
Issue 244    Bankruptcy Court: 1031 Funds are Assets of QI's Estate4/1/2018   
Issue 20    Bankruptcy Judgements and Liens - 11 U.S.C. Sec. 522(f) Lien Avoidance3/1/1997   
Issue 10    Bankruptcy, Judgements and Liens - Revisited, With Emphasis on 11 U.S.C. Sec. 522(f)5/1/1996   
Issue 108    Bankruptcy/Foreclosure Procedures Derail Tax Foreclosure Title7/1/2004   
Issue 230    Beach above Mean High Water Subject to Public Trust Doctrine8/1/2016   
Issue 26    Beck v. Beck - Adverse Possession
Evidence of Ouster of Tenant in Common
Issue 79    Beware - Missing Date of Note2/1/2002   
Issue 4    Beware of Pre-Bankruptcy Judgements11/1/1995   
Issue 206    Borrower's Quiet Title, Good Faith and Fair Dealing Allegations Survive Lender's Dismissal Motions7/1/2013   
Issue 244    Build To Suit Exchanges4/1/2018   
Issue 229    Builder's Inventory Exemption Pitfalls6/1/2016   
Issue 244    Can I Get My Money Before the Exchange Ends?4/1/2018   
Issue 21    Cancellation of Deeds of Trust - When Cancellations Can Be Relied Upon (Or Not!)4/1/1997   
Issue 21    Cancellation Penalties Reprise4/1/1997   
Issue 31    Capital Gains Certification - Alternative to 1099-S (with Form)2/1/1998   
Issue 45    Cartway Revision II4/1/1999   
Issue 24    Cartway Statute Revision Sunset to Expire7/1/1997   
Issue 252    Case Law Briefs - February 20192/1/2019   
Issue 253    Case Law Briefs - March 20193/1/2019   
Issue 162    Case Tests Distribution of Foreclosure Surplus1/1/2009   
Issue 192    Case Tests Enforceability of Right of First Refusal11/1/2011   
Issue 97    Case Update8/1/2003   
Issue 74    Cases of Note - Jimenez v. Brown and Goodson v. Goodson9/1/2001   
Issue 212    Cashier's Checks Not Irrevocably Credited Upon Deposit4/1/2014   
Issue 197    Ch. 44A Lien Statute Amendment Addresses 'Hidden Lien' Issue6/1/2012   
Issue 19    Civil Penalties for Failure to Cancel Deeds of Trust2/1/1997   
Issue 35    Civil Penalties for Failure to Cancel Deeds of Trust6/1/1998   
Issue 19    Claim of Mechanics’ Lien Action of Lien Enforcement - Effect Of Dismissal Without Prejudice2/1/1997   
Issue 136    Closings and Consumer Protection11/1/2006   
Issue 225    COA - Invalid Acknowledgment Renders Deed "Void"1/1/2016   
Issue 159    COA Addresses Issue in Implied Easement Case10/1/2008   
Issue 144    COA Addresses Variant Name Spelling, Indexing and Idem Sonans7/1/2007   
Issue 221    COA Affirms Lender's Equitable Subrogation Judgment4/1/2015   
Issue 168    COA Allows Railroad to Block Crossing After 60 Years7/1/2009   
Issue 156    COA Decides Consideration Issue7/1/2008   
Issue 219    COA Holds Revenue Suspended Corporation Can Wind Up1/1/2015   
Issue 151    COA Interprets Validity of Condo Declaration Provision2/1/2008   
Issue 220    COA Reconsiders Encroachment as Continuing Trespass3/1/2015   
Issue 202    Commercial use not Prohibited by Restrictive Covenants12/1/2012   
Issue 260    Common Ownership for Easement Implied by Prior Use
B.V. Belk, Jr. v. VRS Magnolia Plaza (COA 19-563) 2/4/2020 (Unpublished)
Issue 201    Condo Act Mandates Uniform Assessment Procedure11/1/2012   
Issue 64    Conservation Easements11/1/2000   
Issue 193    Conservation Easements - Enhanced Tax Incentives Set to Expire12/1/2011   
Issue 136    Contracts Perilous Ground for Practitioners11/1/2006   
Issue 73    Controlled Business8/1/2001   
Issue 12    Corporate Conveyances Execution and Acknowledgement7/1/1996   
Issue 174    Corporations: Conveyancing and Authority Issues1/1/2010   
Issue 203    Court of Appeals - Common Law Marriage1/1/2013   
Issue 187    Court of Appeals - Note Renewal Not Secured by Deed of Trust4/1/2011   
Issue 170    Court of Appeals Affirms Boundary Decision9/1/2009   
Issue 124    Court of Appeals Decides Covenant Amendment Case11/1/2005   
Issue 152    Court of Appeals Decides Dorean Priority Issue3/1/2008   
Issue 183    Court of Appeals Says: Count Lots, Not Heads, to Amend CCR's11/1/2010   
Issue 182    Court of Appeals Says: Ordinance Violation is an Encumbrance10/1/2010   
Issue 148    Court Rules Mortgagee has Fiduciary Duty for Escrows11/1/2007   
Issue 103    Covenant Amendments not Unfair Trade Practice and Plat Dedications Affirmed2/1/2004   
Issue 52    Curative and Related Statutes - 1999 Update11/1/1999   
Issue 84    Current Cases of Note7/1/2002   
Issue 199    Current Cases of Note Through July 15, 20128/1/2012   
Issue 111    Current Concerns in the State of our Industry10/1/2004   
Issue 29    Deed of Trust Cancellation - Using Substitution of Trustee Form12/1/1997   
Issue 200    Deed of Trust Severs Joint Tenancy with Right of Survivorship9/1/2012   
Issue 44    Deed of Trust Validity Issues - Enderle and Putnam Revisited3/1/1999   
Issue 34    Department of Transportation Right-of-Way Easements5/1/1998   
Issue 73    Developments of Interest8/1/2001   
Issue 43    Digital Signature Procedures on the Horizon2/1/1999   
Issue 139    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 12/1/2007   
Issue 149    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 1012/1/2007   
Issue 152    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 113/1/2008   
Issue 153    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 124/1/2008   
Issue 154    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 135/1/2008   
Issue 155    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 146/1/2008   
Issue 156    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 157/1/2008   
Issue 157    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 168/1/2008   
Issue 158    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 179/1/2008   
Issue 159    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 1810/1/2008   
Issue 160    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 1911/1/2008   
Issue 141    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 24/1/2007   
Issue 161    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 2012/1/2008   
Issue 162    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 211/1/2009   
Issue 163    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 222/1/2009   
Issue 164    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 233/1/2009   
Issue 165    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 244/1/2009   
Issue 166    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 255/1/2009   
Issue 167    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 266/1/2009   
Issue 168    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 277/1/2009   
Issue 169    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 288/1/2009   
Issue 170    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 299/1/2009   
Issue 142    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 35/1/2007   
Issue 171    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 3010/1/2009   
Issue 172    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 3111/1/2009   
Issue 174    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 321/1/2010   
Issue 175    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 332/1/2010   
Issue 176    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 343/1/2010   
Issue 178    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 355/1/2010   
Issue 180    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 367/1/2010   
Issue 143    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 46/1/2007   
Issue 144    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 57/1/2007   
Issue 145    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 68/1/2007   
Issue 146    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 79/1/2007   
Issue 147    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 810/1/2007   
Issue 148    Dirt Tales From the Deed Vault - Episode 911/1/2007   
Issue 7    Dissolution and Suspension of Corporations2/1/1996   
Issue 259    Duke Energy Progress, Inc. v. Kane (COA18-239) 4/16/2019
Color of Title Limitation on Utility Easement
Issue 292    Duke Energy v Kiser, et al. (398PA21-1) 4/28/2023
Easement Rights to Man-made Lake Bottom
Issue 125    Easement Case Advances on Procedure Decision12/1/2005   
Issue 93    Easement Case Highlights Title Issues4/1/2003   
Issue 23    Easements - Scope of Grant6/1/1997   
Issue 99    Effective October 1, 2003, Title Insurance Rates Increased to Encompass Insured Closing Protection Coverage10/1/2003   
Issue 107    Electronic Recording Legislation Around the Corner6/1/2004   
Issue 122    Electronic Recording/Notary Act Adopted9/1/2005   
Issue 175    Eliminating "Secret Liens" Under Chapter 44A2/1/2010   
Issue 55    Entireties, Bankruptcy and the Attachment of Judgement Liens2/1/2000   
Issue 127    Equitable Subrogation Case Refines Issues2/1/2006   
Issue 90    Equity Line Deeds of Trust Haunting You?1/1/2003   
Issue 180    Equity Line Payoffs - Problem Requiring Great Care7/1/2010   
Issue 213    Establishing the Location of a Disputed Boundary6/1/2014   
Issue 244    Exchange Regulation4/1/2018   
Issue 14    Execution of Conveyances on Behalf of Limited Liability Companies9/1/1996   
Issue 17    Execution of Conveyances on Behalf of Limited Liability Companies (Part II)12/1/1996   
Issue 271    Explaining ALTA Homeowner & Enhanced Policy Coverage4/1/2021   
Issue 217    Fall 2014 Court of Appeals Update11/1/2014   
Issue 286    Fall 2022 North Carolina Case Law Update11/1/2022   
Issue 171    Federal Bill termed 'Largest Federal Land Grab'10/1/2009   
Issue 109    Federal Legislative Update8/1/2004   
Issue 14    Federal Tax Liens - After Acquired Real Property9/1/1996   
Issue 226    FIRPTA Requirements Changed February 16, 20162/25/2016   
Issue 91    Foreclosure Case Misses Due Process Issue2/1/2003   
Issue 188    Foreclosure Cases Dissect 'Holder' Status in NC6/1/2011   
Issue 22    Foreclosure does not cure all ills!5/1/1997   
Issue 205    Foreclosure Priority; N.C.G.S. Sec. 45-37(b) Unconstitutional as Applied and Equitable Subrogation Denied5/1/2013   
Issue 23    Foreclosures and Legal Holidays6/1/1997   
Issue 38    Foreclosures and Legal Holidays9/1/1998   
Issue 11    Forfeiture of Real Property, Lis Pendens and Forfeiture Judgements6/1/1996   
Issue 15    Form 1099-S - Real Estate Reporting Requirements10/1/1996   
Issue 109    Frequently Asked Questions - 1031 Exchanges8/1/2004   
Issue 21    G.S. 45-38 and "Notice of Foreclosure"4/1/1997   
Issue 92    Gifts by Attorney in Fact Revisited3/1/2003   
Issue 22    Gifts by Attorneys in Fact - a Comment on WHITFORD v. GASKILL, No. 399PA95., Supreme Court of North Carolina, 480 S.E.2d 690, Feb. 10, 19975/1/1997   
Issue 67    Gifts by Attorneys in Fact, A Reprise2/1/2001   
Issue 72    Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act7/1/2001   
Issue 232    Groundwater Contamination and Intestacy Claims11/1/2016   
Issue 216    HOA Covenant Amendment Unreasonable under Armstrong Analysis9/1/2014   
Issue 217    Holding Periods, Just How Long is Enough?11/1/2014   
Issue 291    Holding Requirements for Drop/Swap and Swap/Drop Deals - (Revised 5/1//23)4/1/2023   
Issue 1    House Bill 459, Pertaining to Cancellation of Deeds of Trust, Passes8/1/1995   
Issue 2    House Bill 545 Cartway Statute Revision9/1/1995   
Issue 167    House Bill 800, Renunciation Amendments6/1/2009   
Issue 274    Hovey v. Sand Dollar Shores HOA Assn. Inc. (20-423) 4/6/2021
Elements of Public Dedication of Beach Access
Issue 244    How Can Leaseholds Qualify Under IRS Code Section 10314/1/2018   
Issue 48    How to Cancel Liens of Record: A Primer - Part 17/1/1999   
Issue 49    How to Cancel Liens of Record: A Primer - Part 28/1/1999   
Issue 46    How to Handle Earnest Money Deposits to Avoid Boot5/1/1999   
Issue 115    HUD Publishes New Interim Rule on Flipping2/1/2005   
Issue 16    Husband and Wife Conveyances Under G.S. 39-13.3 and Joinder Problems11/1/1996   
Issue 21    Impact of Stormwater Regulations on Subdivision Covenants4/1/1997   
Issue 236    In re: Thompson (COA 16-1014) 04/18/2017 Latent Description Error will not Defeat Conveyance4/1/2017   
Issue 263    In re: Worley (19-345) 4/21/2020
Holographic Will or Power of Attorney? Issue of Devisavit Vel Non
Issue 105    In Rem Jurisdiction and Foreign Courts4/1/2004   
Issue 30    Inadequate Notice of Foreclosure Sale to the IRS1/1/1998   
Issue 115    Infirmity - Practical Execution and Acknowledgment2/1/2005   
Issue 229    Internal Revenue Code Section 721 Exchanges (UPREITS)6/1/2016   
Issue 62    Intestacy and Dissent Statutes Revised - Recent Legislation9/1/2000   
Issue 46    Intestacy and Dissent Statutes up for Revision5/1/1999   
Issue 212    IRC Section 1031 Considerations for Spring Quarter4/1/2014   
Issue 227    IRC Section 1031 Exchanges - Taking Title3/1/2016   
Issue 244    IRS Issues Final Regulation on Qualified Intermediary Funds4/1/2018   
Issue 157    IRS Issues Final Regulation on Qualified Intermediary Funds8/1/2008   
Issue 63    IRS Issues Sec. 1031 Reverse Exchange Rules10/1/2000   
Issue 78    IRS Requiring Form 8821 for Federal Tax Lien Payoff Information1/1/2002   
Issue 70    IRS Sec. 1031 Reverse Exchanges - State of Grace in a Sea of Confusion?5/1/2001   
Issue 82    IRS Tax Liens Attach to Entireties Interest5/1/2002   
Issue 19    Judgements of Mechanics’ Lien Enforcement2/1/1997   
Issue 131    Judgements, Entireties and Divorce6/1/2006   
Issue 96    July 2003 Legislative Update7/1/2003   
Issue 95    June 2003 Real Property Update6/1/2003   
Issue 238    KB Aircraft Acquisition, LLC v. Berry (15-823) 8/16/2016
Uniform Voidable Transactions Act - Statute of Repose
Issue 24    Legislative Update7/1/1997   
Issue 118    Legislative Update II, May 20055/1/2005   
Issue 117    Legislative Update, April 20054/1/2005   
Issue 12    Lien Avoidance and 11 U.S.C. Sec. 522(f) - An Update7/1/1996   
Issue 121    Lien Waivers (Reminder)8/1/2005   
Issue 76    Lien Waivers - An Important Part of the Real Estate Transaction11/1/2001   
Issue 19    Liens for Alimony and Child Support2/1/1997   
Issue 65    Liens, Another Look12/1/2000   
Issue 5    Malpractice Case12/1/1995   
Issue 179    Manmade Canal Held to be Public Trust Lands by COA6/1/2010   
Issue 78    Manufactured Housing Bill Passes1/1/2002   
Issue 68    Manufactured Housing Simplification - Legislative Proposal in the Works3/1/2001   
Issue 125    Marketable Title Act Decision12/1/2005   
Issue 147    Marketable Title Synonyms10/1/2007   
Issue 254    May 2019 Case Law Update5/1/2019   
Issue 18    Miscellaneous - Two New Mechanics’ Liens1/1/1997   
Issue 9    Mobile Home and Manufactured Housing Units4/1/1996   
Issue 190    Modernization of Deed of Trust Laws - Part 18/1/2011   
Issue 191    Modernization of Deed of Trust Laws - Part II9/1/2011   
Issue 12    More on Mobile Homes - A Recent Case7/1/1996   
Issue 29    More on Modular Homes - A Comment on Briggs v. Rankin12/1/1997   
Issue 37    More on Modular Homes - An Update on Briggs v. Rankin8/1/1998   
Issue 176    N.C. Supreme Court affirms Traditional Doctrine in Boundary Case3/1/2010   
Issue 38    National Lending Trends and Changing Technology… What Does it Mean for Us?9/1/1998   
Issue 227    NC Supreme Court - Deficiency Offset Available to Guarantors3/1/2016   
Issue 153    NC Supreme Court Remands Covenant Case in Per Curiam Opinion4/1/2008   
Issue 179    NCLTA Lien Waiver Forms Revised May 20106/1/2010   
Issue 186    Necessary Parties Really Are Necessary3/1/2011   
Issue 41    Net Leasehold Interests: Excellent 1031 Replacement Property Opportunities12/1/1998   
Issue 184    New Contract Resets Date of First Furnishing in Ch. 44A Action12/1/2010   
Issue 13    New Laws - Cancellation of Deeds of Trust8/1/1996   
Issue 145    New Legislation 20078/1/2007   
Issue 102    New Mortgage Cancellation Laws on the Horizon1/1/2004   
Issue 121    New Mortgage Satisfaction Law8/1/2005   
Issue 133    New Nonprofit Association Act8/1/2006   
Issue 119    New PCA/Condo Amendments Being Considered6/1/2005   
Issue 79    New Year, New Issues2/1/2002   
Issue 78    No Title Search Required for New Insurance Products1/1/2002   
Issue 61    North Carolina Adopts the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act8/1/2000   
Issue 123    North Carolina Adopts UTC10/1/2005   
Issue 132    Notary Act Amended by Legislature7/1/2006   
Issue 126    Notary Act Concerns1/1/2006   
Issue 57    Notary Act Glitch!4/1/2000   
Issue 33    Notes on Notary Acknowledgements4/1/1998   
Issue 23    Notice to Creditors in Power of Sale Foreclosures6/1/1997   
Issue 214    Now that we're not in South Carolina anymore, what are you doing to fix it?7/1/2014   
Issue 23    Options to Purchase and Title Examinations6/1/1997   
Issue 101    Parol Trust Case Derails Evidentiary Doctrine12/1/2003   
Issue 179    Pending Bill - Homeowner and Homebuyer Protection Act6/1/2010   
Issue 99    Planned Community Act Authority Not Retroactive10/1/2003   
Issue 19    Planned Unit Development Homeowners’ Association Liens - A Word (or Two) of Caution2/1/1997   
Issue 129    Postnuptial Agreement Enforcement Decided4/1/2006   
Issue 98    Predatory Lending and Proposed Changes to RESPA9/1/2003   
Issue 139    Prescriptive Easement Opinion Looks at Proof Issues2/1/2007   
Issue 58    Problems and Patches5/1/2000   
Issue 241    Proof of Adverse Possession by Lappage12/1/2017   
Issue 87    Proof of Title
Cartin v. Harrison, NCApp. (2002), COA01-820
Issue 66    Proposed 2000 Formal Ethics Opinion 81/1/2001   
Issue 36    Proposed 98 Formal Ethics Opinion 8
Participation in a Witness Closing - with comment
Issue 11    Proposed Amendments to the Cancellation Statute6/1/1996   
Issue 143    Proposed Real Property Ethics Opinions Pending6/1/2007   
Issue 168    Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 20097/1/2009   
Issue 131    Public Streets or Private Ways6/1/2006   
Issue 110    PUD and Condo Acts Amended9/1/2004   
Issue 3    Purchase Money Mortgages and Deeds of Trust - Joinder of non-owner spouse; priority10/1/1995   
Issue 128    Qualification of Section 1031 Intermediaries3/1/2006   
Issue 28    Raise Equitable Defenses to Foreclosure in Superior Court11/1/1997   
Issue 100    Re-Recording Issues11/1/2003   
Issue 155    Real Property Transfer on Death Act6/1/2008   
Issue 41    Recent Decisions Affecting Real Property12/1/1998   
Issue 47    Recent Developments6/1/1999   
Issue 72    Recent Developments - Summer 20017/1/2001   
Issue 97    Recent Legislation8/1/2003   
Issue 40    Recent Legislation Affecting Real Property11/1/1998   
Issue 185    Recent North Carolina State Bar Ethics Opinions1/1/2011   
Issue 86    Recent Real Property Cases of Note9/1/2002   
Issue 77    Recent Real Property Decisions12/1/2001   
Issue 42    Recent Real Property Decisions1/1/1999   
Issue 31    Recent Real Property Decisions2/1/1998   
Issue 88    Recent Real Property Developments11/1/2002   
Issue 116    Recent Updates in Section 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange Practice and Procedure3/1/2005   
Issue 177    Recording, Reformation and Mortgage Priority4/1/2010   
Issue 112    Red Tax Flags for Commercial Transactions11/1/2004   
Issue 194    Reformation Priority Relates Back Over Chapter 44A Lien1/1/2012   
Issue 108    Reissue Rates and Consumer Protection7/1/2004   
Issue 90    Related Party 1031 Exchanges1/1/2003   
Issue 244    Related Party 1031 Exchanges4/1/2018   
Issue 244    Related Party Pitfalls4/1/2018   
Issue 195    Related Party Section 1031 Exchanges2/1/2012   
Issue 228    Reserved Powers of Appointment4/1/2016   
Issue 7    Residential Property Disclosure2/1/1996   
Issue 149    Reverse Mortgages on the Rise12/1/2007   
Issue 54    Review of 1999 Real Property Decisions1/1/2000   
Issue 59    Revised Proposed 99 Formal Ethics Opinion 136/1/2000   
Issue 59    Revised Proposed 99 Formal Ethics Opinion 13: Attorney’s Supervision of Closing - with comment6/1/2000   
Issue 158    Revocable Trust Assets Subject to Decedent's Debts9/1/2008   
Issue 196    Right to Amend Restrictive Covenants3/1/2012   
Issue 25    Riparian Rights of Landowners Abutting Navigable Waters8/1/1997   
Issue 164    Risk of Loss for Attorney Defalcation3/1/2009   
Issue 8    Rx For Title Ailments - Curative and Other Statutes3/1/1996   
Issue 244    Safe Harbors Help Taxpayers Play it Safe4/1/2018   
Issue 39    Sale of Decedent's Real Property While Estate Administration is Pending10/1/1998   
Issue 104    Sale of Real Property by Personal Representative3/1/2004   
Issue 10    Sales by Personal Representatives - An Update5/1/1996   
Issue 4    Sales By Personal Representatives Pursuant to Power Contained in a Will and Certain Other Problems11/1/1995   
Issue 158    Scrivener's Error Corrective Statute Replaced with Notice Statute9/1/2008   
Issue 89    Section 1031 Exchanges of Conservation12/1/2002   
Issue 244    Section 1031, Holding Requirements for Drop/Swap and Swap/Drop Deals4/1/2018   
Issue 269    Section 1031, Holding Requirements for Drop/Swap and Swap/Drop Deals2/1/2021   
Issue 286    Section 1031, Holding Requirements for Drop/Swap and Swap/Drop Deals11/30/2022   
Issue 55    Seller Carry-Back Financing: "Numerous Options Are Available in 1031 Exchanges"2/1/2000   
Issue 55    Service by Publication on the Internet?2/1/2000   
Issue 53    Set the Record Straight12/1/1999   
Issue 150    Six Year SOL Preserves Easement Encroachments1/1/2008   
Issue 218    Six Year Statute of Limitation for Easement Encroachment12/1/2014   
Issue 18    Smith v. Martin - Trustee's Responsibility for Wrongful Cancellation of Deed of Trust; Subordination Agreement Validity1/1/1997   
Issue 224    Special Use Ad Valorem Tax Valuation for Developers11/1/2015   
Issue 83    Standard Residuary Clause Negates Anti-Lapse Statute6/1/2002   
Issue 26    State of the Industry. Our Position. What is the future?9/1/1997   
Issue 222    Statute of Limitations for Equitable Accounting5/1/2015   
Issue 3    Statute of Limitations to enforce Restrictive Covenants : Allen v. Sea Gate Ass’n, Inc. (No. COA94-913)10/1/1995   
Issue 80    Stephens v. Dortch - Extinguishing Dedications Under NCGS Sec. 136-963/1/2002   
Issue 138    Street Dedication and Easement Issues Decided1/1/2007   
Issue 119    Structuring Reverse Exchanges to Meet Your Clients' Needs6/1/2005   
Issue 133    Subcontractor Liens Against Owner8/1/2006   
Issue 154    Subcontractor's Lien Survives Contractor's Default5/1/2008   
Issue 15    Subordination Agreements10/1/1996   
Issue 289    Summary of the 2021 Changes to the ALTA Policy Forms2/1/2023   
Issue 43    Supreme Court Changes Law on Premises Liability2/1/1999   
Issue 173    Supreme Court Decides Contra Ledges Case12/1/2009   
Issue 209    Supreme Court Reverses Court of Appeals in Bass10/1/2013   
Issue 135    Supreme Court Speaks on Covenant Amendment Case10/1/2006   
Issue 59    Surveys are Important Protection!6/1/2000   
Issue 17    Tacking on to Prior Policies12/1/1996   
Issue 15    Tax Deferred Exchanges - Examples of "Boot Netting" Rules10/1/1996   
Issue 16    Tax Deferred Exchanges - Replacement Property Construction11/1/1996   
Issue 13    Tax Deferred Exchanges - Selected Issues8/1/1996   
Issue 44    Tax Foreclosure Sale Issues3/1/1999   
Issue 171    Tax Sale Rule 60 Relief10/1/2009   
Issue 232    Taxpayers Win 1031 Construction/Reverse Outside of Safe Harbors11/1/2016   
Issue 81    Tenancy in Common vs. Partnership
IRS Releases Procedure Affecting Sec. 1031 Exchanges
Issue 32    The "1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange"3/1/1998   
Issue 30    The "1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange"1/1/1998   
Issue 36    The Basic Exchange Reviewed - Recent Cases and Revenue Rulings7/1/1998   
Issue 53    The State and Lawyers Close Ranks12/1/1999   
Issue 28    The State of Real Property Practice - An Editorial Comment11/1/1997   
Issue 39    The Ten Commandments of Signatures10/1/1998   
Issue 130    TIC's...Do They Bite?
Real Estate Considerations in Tax Deferred Transactions
Issue 57    Timber, is it Land, Goods or Both?4/1/2000   
Issue 22    Time is of the Essence!5/1/1997   
Issue 34    Title Insurance Claims5/1/1998   
Issue 106    Title Insurance Company Selection and Affiliated Business Relationships5/1/2004   
Issue 56    Title Insurance Ethics Issues Affecting Real Property Practice3/1/2000   
Issue 146    Transactions with Churches and Non-Profit Associations9/1/2007   
Issue 223    Transfer Fees, Covenants Running with the Land?7/1/2015   
Issue 27    Treatment of Deferred Exchanges10/1/1997   
Issue 211    Tree Case Illustrates Elements of Proof for Damage to Real Property2/1/2014   
Issue 172    Trial Court Sets Aside Foreclosure Sale - Remanded11/1/2009   
Issue 198    Trust, Probate and Estate Administration Amendments7/1/2012   
Issue 16    Trusts - Selected Issues - Article 13 of Chapter 36A and Trust Powers11/1/1996   
Issue 210    Two Cases on Proof of Facts12/1/2013   
Issue 140    Two Consumer Protection Bills that Need Your Support3/1/2007   
Issue 113    Two Real Property Ethics Opinions Proposed for 200412/1/2004   
Issue 43    U.S. Judgement Liens - Federal Debt Collection Procedures Act of 19902/1/1999   
Issue 60    UCC Article 9 Revision Pending7/1/2000   
Issue 27    Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act10/1/1997   
Issue 160    Unilateral Easement Relocation by Servient Owner Quashed11/1/2008   
Issue 134    Unrecorded Plats and Appurtenant Easements9/1/2006   
Issue 244    US Tax Court Limits Exchanges of Vacation Homes4/1/2018   
Issue 47    Vacation Property: Is it Investment Property?6/1/1999   
Issue 33    Validation of Federal Tax Liens4/1/1998   
Issue 2    Various New Statutes9/1/1995   
Issue 204    Violation of UPL Statute no Defense to Foreclosure2/1/2013   
Issue 161    Watch out for Domestic Property Settlement Traps12/1/2008   
Issue 100    Waterfront Property and The State Lands Act11/1/2003   
Issue 47    What’s the Big Hurry?6/1/1999   
Issue 24    Whatley v. Whatley, Tenancy in Common by Encroachment7/1/1997   
Issue 85    Where do You Stand8/1/2002   
Issue 150    Winter/Spring 2008 Economic Outlook1/1/2008   
Issue 38    Witness Closing Summary & Clarification9/1/1998   
Issue 37    Witness Closings – Your Feedback8/1/1998   
Issue 122    You Decide!9/1/2005   
Issue 37    Zoning Endorsements - A Practice Tip8/1/1998