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 Article 444 Summary of the 2021 Changes to the ALTA Policy Forms   2/1/2023
 Article 443 2022 Legislative Review   1/1/2023
 Article 442 C Invs. 2, LLC v. Auger (2022-NCSC-119) 12/16/2022
Real Property Marketable Title Act Exception for Residential Covenants   
 Article 441 Section 1031, Holding Requirements for Drop/Swap and Swap/Drop Deals   11/30/2022
 Article 440 Fall 2022 North Carolina Case Law Update   11/1/2022
 Article 439 In re: Simmons (COA 21-682) 10/4/2022
Foreclosure Voided Due to Lack of Notice of Trustee Neutrality   
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The Statewide Title Newsletter and Legal Memorandum is a monthly electronic newsletter written and published by Statewide Title, Inc. Our entire archive, including newsletters originally only mailed in printed form, is available on this site. Statewide Title has been publishing the Newsletter and Legal Memorandum since August 1995. Our articles are based on news that is important to our industry and topics of interest to our clients.

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